The SOMM TV podcast series

The SOMM TV podcast series

13 Episodes

An ongoing audio conversation about wine, food, and life with Jason Wise.

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The SOMM TV podcast series
  • SommTV Podcast Ep1 BrianMcClintic

    Episode 1

    The first SOMM TV podcast. Jason Wise and Brian McClintic tale an honest deep dive into all three SOMM films, the sommelier profession, and more.

  • SommTV Podcast Ep2 Baxter Holmes

    Episode 2

    Jason Wise sits down with famed sports writer Baxter Holmes to discuss the NBA’s obsession with wine, how it started, and what that means for us.

  • SommTV Podcast Ep3 Jay Fletcher

    Episode 3

    Jason sits down with Master Sommelier Jay Fletcher to discuss the politics of the Court of Masters Somms, the rocky start to filming SOMM, and the insane journey from pool hustler to elite wine professional.

  • SommTV Podcast Ep4 Wine and Marriage

    Episode 4

    Jason talks about SOMM TV and the SOMM series with Christina Wise, the film's head producer and writer who is also his wife.

  • SommTV Podcast Ep5 Dave Gibbs

    Episode 5

    Dave Gibbs, a musician who is a specialist in sourcing crazy rare old bottles, and Jason Wise talk about our new streaming service and what's available now and what's coming soon.

  • SommTV Podcast Ep6 Top Five Wines

    Episode 6

    Master Sommelier Laura Fiorvanti and Jason Wise count down the top five wines of their careers.

  • SommTV Podcast Ep7 Bottle Shock

    Episode 7

    The team goes deep on the film Bottle Shock, now streaming on SOMMTV.

  • SommTV Podcast Ep 8 Sweet Old Wine

    Episode 8

    How a bottle of 1942 Château d'Yquem found in Los Angeles inspired our new show on SOMM TV: "Cellar Stories"

  • SommTV Podcast Ep 9 Enter Sake

    Episode 9

    To celebrate our new Sake Master Experience streaming on SOMM TV, let’s talk about a very misunderstood beverage made from rice that is brewed like beer.

  • SommTV Podcast Ep10 Food Waste and CIA Copia

    Episode 10

    To highlight a new show we have streaming on SOMM TV, we have three guests on to talk about food waste in our country including esteemed Chef Andrew Zimmern. We talk about creating an event to hold difficult conversations, how much food we are wasting, and we talk to a chef who left one of the gr...

  • SommTV Podcast Ep11 Wine and Tariffs

    Episode 11

    SOMM Director Jason Wise and Master Sommelier Brian McClintic talk about the impending 100% tariffs possibly coming to European Union imports including wine and other goods like cheese. Jason also talks briefly about his next film "The Delicacy" and mentions the upcoming fourth film in the SOMM f...

  • SommTV Podcast Ep12 Death from Above

    Episode 12

    Some updates on our new film about sea urchin divers: "The Delicacy" premiering 1/24 at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. We talk to Napa winemaker and cast member of our upcoming new SOMM film Steve Matthiasson about the earthquake, the relentlessness of winemaking, and the time an owl tried to k...

  • SommTV Podcast Ep13 Natural Wine

    Episode 13

    Jason Wise and Brian McClintic sit down to discuss what's involved with natural wine and what Brian is up to now. Also, an update on The Delicacy film and SOMM 4.