Videos Under Ten Minutes

Videos Under Ten Minutes

Only have ten minutes? Here is a collection of content for you.

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Videos Under Ten Minutes
  • Becky Wasserman - Legends of the Vine

    Through her importing business, Becky Wasserman-Hone helped put Burgundy on the international stage.

  • Adele "Boots" Brounstein, a short pour conversation.

    Boots Brounstein was the co-founder of Diamond Creek Vineyard. Her husband, Al, separated his vineyard by terroir and they were the first ones to sell their wine for $100. She recently pased away at the age of 92, leaving a legacy of kindness and innovation in the Napa valley. This was one of h...

  • The Real Bottle Shock

    In 2008, a film came out about the 1976 "Judgment of Paris." It featured Alan Rickman as Steven Spurrier and an all-star cast set in Napa. There was only one problem, Steven Spurrier wasn't told. Hear Steven and Bella Spurrier's thoughts on the film and being portrayed by the iconic actor.

  • Mayacamas Tasting

    Ian Cauble and DLynn Proctor open a 1986 Mayacamas and discuss their desert island wine.

  • Exploding Glasses

    Behind the scenes of the shattering glasses in SOMM.

  • Creating the Music of SOMM

    Behind the scenes clips and interviews with composer Brian Carmody and director Jason Wise.

  • 1962 Clos Ste Hune Extended Scene

    Jean Trimbach opens a 1962 Close Ste Hune, believed to be the finest dry Riesling in the world.

  • DLynn Proctor on Fashion

    DLynn Proctor shares his thoughts on suits, cufflinks, and presentation both in and out of the wine world.

  • Fred Dame the Old School Sommelier

    Get to know more about Fred Dame, and his hunting routine, in this expanded scene from SOMM: Into The Bottle. *Warning: graphic images*

  • The Natural Wine Debate

    What is natural wine? Find out the facts, and the opinions, from top professionals including Jancis Robinson, Laura Fiorvanti, Fred Dame, Ian Cauble, Brian McClintic, Paul Draper, and more.

  • 1969 Chave Hermitage Extended

    Chave Hermitage extended scene from Somm: Into The Bottle, including the opening of the 1969 vintage by Jean-Louis Chave.

  • Chateau Pavie

    A glimpse into Chateau Pavie including the controversy with Jancis Robinson and Robert Parker.

  • Conversations with Three Legends

    Jancis Robinson, Fred Dame, and Steven Spurrier discuss blind tasting and certifications.

  • Sake 101 Part 1

    An introduction to sake.

  • Sake 101 Part 2

    A deeper look at the ingredients in sake.

  • Sake 101 Part 3

    The history of sake.

  • Sake 101 Part 4

    The process of making sake.

  • Sake 101 Part 5

    Glassware and ways to enjoy sake.

  • Sake 101 Part 6

    The different terms associated with sake.

  • Sake 101 Part 7

    The world of sake.